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Ilya Rumyantsev

IT Consultant

Ilya Rumyantsev
Please ask me to get my exact address
53842 Troisdorf
+49 176 83135767

With a strong technical and theoretical background and keen knowledge of open source software solutions Ilya Rumyantsev offers expertise in the fields of:

  • Python development
  • Web development
  • Data processing
  • Infrastructure tasks
  • Automation

Accordingly, his main interests are in fields of:

  • Training/Tutoring (scientific/IT subjects)
    With the ability to present even complex topics in a well-structured comprehensive way his main focus is practical implementation, so that his trainings include lots of 'hands-on' elements and examples.
  • Tailor-made enterprise solutions
    It is very important for him to grasp even complicated matters very fast and to structure those to be able to prepare well designed, easily maintainable solutions with a particular focus on liability, usability and clean interfaces.
  • Configuration of open source tools
    Creation and establishing of new workflows

    As a great open-source enthusiast he is able to introduce and configure open source tools to provide a solution for even a complex task. Here he concentrates on the efficiency of established processes and helps providing efficient workflows.


  • Systems Analyst 03/2014 - now

    Research and Development industry

    Responsible for infrastruture architechture/automation as well as custom tool development on a project for directory services and identity/access management in a large heterougenious environment including the follwing tasks:

    • Design and implementation of update and deployment process automation
    • Quality assurance by design of infrastructure monitoring, centralized logging solutions and documentation
    • Customized tool creation for ldap operations
    • Installation and maintanence of single sign on solutions
    • Customer support in ldap/infrastructural/programming concerns

    Technologies used:

    • Ansible for infrastructure automation and configuration management
    • Python for custom Tool development
    • nxLog + rsyslog + graylog for logging infrastructure
    • NOVELL eDirectory
    • Shibboleth as identity Provider combined with ldap
    • SLES 11
    • Git for configuration and documentation versioning


    • Drastically accelerated (~20x faster) the update process and improved its reliability by introduction of centralized configuration management.
    • Extended the python-ldap library with interfaces for simplified access and modification of LDAP-Objects and searches.
    • Introduction of a complete and reliable centralized logging solution including log filtering and alerting for both windows and linux systems.

  • Systems Analyst 09/2013 - 03.2014

    Tourism industry

    Responsible for data transformation and tool customization on a migration (legacy c++ code from solaris to linux systems) project. The tasks include

    • Tool development for identification of critical spots in code
    • Legacy code analysis
    • Quality assurance

  • Systems Analyst 10/2012 - 09/2013

    Tourism industry

    Responsible for the infrastructure on a large social media project. The tasks include:

    • Organization and care of a cloud network (Debian systems)
    • Support for software developers
    • Configuration of open source tools for code quality and documentation
    • Tool development

    Main tools configured and/or set up:

    • Sonar as static and dynamic tool for code analysis
    • PhpDoc as the tool for automatic code documentation and class diagram generation
    • LDAP for user rights management
    • JIRA as the issue tracking/SCRUM tool
    • Maintenance, support and deployment of eclipse packages

    Custom applications provided:

    • Customized wiki and documentation application for developers with jenkins and git integration
    • Django web application to test the product performance using selenium tests in background with customizable tests/test environments and a graphical evaluation using the jqplot library (also javascript/jquery)
    • Implementing code coverage and dynamic code checker for c++ legacy source code based on gcov

    IT Consultant 2011-2012

    Accenture Tech. Solutions

    Large public service project with the goal to establish a platform for handling of finance processes with a very high transaction number.
    Main focus was the migration of legacy data. Accordingly, the main tasks included:

    • Customer consulting with regard to loading/unloading interfaces
    • Definition of requirements for transformation of legacy data
    • Implementation of algorithms for data transformation
    • Implementing tools for secure data transport
    • Implementing tools for tests of data quality/interface implementation

  • Student advisor 2009 - 2011

    Universität Bonn

    Organization classes for physics and medical students in topics of physics, computational analysis, modeling and numerical methods. At the same time, offered private lessons on those topics.


  • Python

  • Data Analysis

  • Django

  • html5/css3

  • Javascript/jQuery

  • Django-CMS

  • Ansible

  • Linux (Debian)

  • Java SE/EE


  • Java Jump Start2011

    Accenture Tech. Solutions, Kronberg

    Two months full-time training in object oriented programming in Java SE/EE, software development, testing and modern enterprise web-frameworks. Other topics were object oriented design patterns, test driven development, SQL databases and webservers in java environment (Tomcat/Glasfish/JBoss/Jetty)

  • Physics, M. Sc. 2009 - 2011

    Universität Bonn

    Main thematic priority of those master studies was numerical time series analysis of non-linear dynamical systems. Besides data analysis and transformation, great importance was attached to fast algorithms and efficient software architecture. In the master thesis a numerical approach for the detection of the direction of interaction was proposed. Analysis of this new approach was performed with the help computer simulations to find out its limits and to compare it to another commonly used approaches. This numerical approach was highly optimised for cluster computing and implemented in c++ . For those purposes a distributed computing cluster had to be set up and administrated.

My Service

Tailored solutions

  • Your employees waste a lot of time finding workarounds for simple tasks?
  • The tools you are using are not satisfactory?
  • You are not sure how to perform a task/which tools to use?
  • There is no out-of-the-box solution?
  • You need to consolidate/transform/evaluate data?
Please contact me and I will be glad to submit you a thorough offer after a detailed analysis.

Customized lectures

I offer lectures on the following topics:
  • python
  • django
  • html5 and css3
  • ...
It is important for me to offer customized trainings so that the participants can apply their knowledge as soon as possible. Therefore, the trainings and the examples are tailored individually to your needs. For more information please have a look at the trainings page.

Technical support for your project

You can also book me for a project, in case you need ten additional fingers to write code, maintain the infrastructure or to create a proper design for your solution.
Please contact me for availability and my hourly rate

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